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Lifelock: What is Lifelock?

Every day tens of thousands of Americans find themselves as new victims of identity theft and, due to the very nature of the problem, discover they have very little recourse. Most individuals are not equipped to handle such a problem and unfortunately neither are most law enforcement agencies. Enter Lifelock.

Lifelock, winners of the coveted 5-Star Rating from Consumer Reports, is not only the recognized leader in helping prevent identity theft but has the experience and knowledge to guarantee their work--up to one million dollars should you find yourself a victim of identity theft. Using out discount link, you can get their services for 10% off plus 30 days free; a small thanks from Lifelock.

If you're on this site, you likely already are aware of Lifelock's professional reputation and first-rate services. According to the FTC, identity theft is one of the fatest growing crimes in the United States--and has been for the past eight years. For just $9 a month (two cups of coffee), isn't your peace of mind worth Lifelock's services?

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