Lifelock Promo Code

A Review of Lifelock

It is particularly difficult to review a service simply because people have different standards for what they want to do themselves and what they want other people to do for them. When applying the lifelock promotion code, you can get Lifelock's identift theft prevention/protection services for just $8 a month. Most people can safely spend eight dollars each month to secure their identity against one of the fastest-growing crimes in America.

Most people can safely justify to themselves why they will never need identity theft protection; you only shop from secured sites, you shred and throw away all your junk mail, you have copies of all your personal data in your safe deposit box. All of these things are great to do and with or without Lifelock's services you should be doing them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things out of your control--when you read about id thefts in the news, these happened to people who could have been 100% responsible and careful with each and every piece of personal information they've ever had--it was their bank/university/college/supermarket that let them down. Blame can only be spread so far--at the end of the day the banks and universities will survive but the people they let down by not carefully guarding their data are on their own.

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