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Recent ID Thefts


June 18, 2010

If there is any doubt on the part of the American consumer in terms of what the government is doing to prevent and repair damage done from identity theft, he or she needs only to look to the internet to find just how extensive the research and resources are.  In addition to the Federal Trade Commissionís website detailing all manner of plans from prevention to correction, there is also a government site known as that does much the same thing.  On that site the public can learn about the Presidentís Identity Theft Task Force, which was established by Ex... Keep Reading

Getting a New SSN

June 17, 2010

There is nothing worse than finding yourself on the stink side of an identity theft case.† It means some crafty fool stole your mail, or your login and password information, or stood over your shoulder while you punch in your password, or stole your wallet, or knew what kind of password you might choose, or guessed a weak password, or found your credit card at a bar, or set up a phishing site and tricked you into thinking it was the real site and thereby stealing your login information.† It sucks to feel duped and it can leave you feeling utterly lost and without a clue as to what to... Keep Reading

Avoiding Being A Victim

June 16, 2010

Being the victim of any kind of crime is a terrible thing.† Itís the peace of mind that most people report missing the most.† Being the victim of identity theft is no different.† Many victims interviewed having a barrage of questions going through their heads over and over again.† How could this have happened to me?† Was there something I could have done to keep this from happening to me?† How long with this take to fix?† What if I donít have the time or the money to correct this?† Is there any kind of aid in getting this taken care of?† What should I do in the future to make sure thi... Keep Reading